Hi, I’m Taleena.

I write songs about my life, and then I sing them.  

I’ve been writing songs my entire life.  I get overly enthusiastic about things, and I am still seven years old at heart.  I fall in love with places easily, but I grow uneasy when I become too comfortable in the one location.  

I’m the youngest of three children, but the loudest of them all.  My parents brought me up listening to the likes of Johnny Cash, Linda Rodstadt, Ray Charles and Shania Twain.  

The first song I ever learned the words to was ‘Jackson’ by Johnny Cash and June Carter.  I loved it so much I even wrote a song about it 15 years later.  

My home town has a population of approximately 1000 people, and I spent more time with animals than I did with humans.  I had the freedom to run wild, and perhaps more importantly, I had the luxury of being able to sing as loud as I physically could with no one close by who had to hear me. 

I like words. When I was younger I would flip to random pages in the dictionary and learn whatever words were on the page.  I also love reading, which I think derived from the fact that I was not what you could classify as ‘athletically blessed’ (I’m still not).  My coordination skills are considerably dismal, and I cannot be trusted to hold fragile things.  

My songs are, and always have been, like my own personal diary.  Each song I write, I'm attached to - because each one is my life.  There is no other way I know of dealing with life situations, other than picking up my guitar and writing about it. 

I wanted to write this as a way for you to be able to know me better, away from music.

Whether it be on tour, at a show or even in a coffee shop, I cannot wait to meet you.

Until then, thank you for reading this.  Thank you for investing your time to get to know me better, and thank you for making it possible for me to share my songs with you.


See you soon,